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Savile Row:


Part 2:(05/06/2015 更)

  • Top!Harry x Bottom!Eggsy(斜线表攻受——仅限分级E)

  • AO3为主(分级也是按Explicit=NC-17; Mature=R, Teen=PG-13)

  • 仅代表po主个人口味! 不是按kudos数来也不是按书签数来——po主是个喜欢傻白甜的人……而且点很奇怪……

  • 不定期更新(?)

  • 除了特别警告(主要角色死亡)之外全部都是Harry没死的设定...





****************** 系列、长篇及未完成/Series, 10K+ and WIP ******************

Suit of Armor by kimposibl (WIP)

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:10,835 WIP)

A Kingsman agent is a gentleman first and foremost. Harry Hart is a Kingsman agent, though in this case the Rule of Inference does not apply.

Harry survives Kentucky but Eggsy wouldn't let him out of sight for a single second. With Eggsy practically moving in with him and infiltrating his life, Harry finds himself nearly impossible to resist his desire for the boy.


it's hard to explain
by unhappy_turtle (WIP)

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:sexting 字数:3,641 WIP)

omgSORRYSORRy HARRY i didnt mean 2 send dat

r u mad???? please reply HARRY I DID NOT MEAN TO SEND THAT





please reply


That Ain't Working, That's The Way You Do It by dapperyklutz (WIP)

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:7,947 WIP)

"Eggsy mother hens Harry, not the the other way around. Harry gets into trouble to see how much many ulcers Eggsy can develop in one mission and Merlin just goes "now you know how I feel" and Eggsy is just HARRY NO HARRY STOP FUCKS SAKE HARRY WHERE IS YOUR CHILL."


The Spy who Loved Me (Or so they say) by ToriCeratops (WIP)

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:48,034 WIP)

It's not so much that Harry doesn't want to go on this mission with Eggsy. That's not it at all. He just doesn't want to go on THIS mission. Period. Full stop. Please don't ask him any more questions or else he may have to face his own heart and that always ends terribly.

You'd think that being Arthur would give him the prerogative to turn these things down. But no. Merlin always seems to have the last word.

Smug bastard.



Mr. and Mr. Hartwin by Percival (WIP)

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:9,524 WIP)

Eggsy "Smith" is suppose to be married to a Barnaby Smith, who works as a tailor during the day and an attentive husband by night. Then things go to shite when said husband turns out to be international spy named Galahad who may have just tried to shoot Eggsy. He may have lied about being perfectly normal himself, but at least he didn't try to kill his husband over dinner.


****************** 肉/Explicit Rated and PWP ****************** 

Can I touch you, can I love you, baby? by alchemist17 

(分级:Explicit 警告:Daddy kink, Butt plug/道具play,  字数:2057) 

Eggsy can't focus with something inside him.

道具PWP……Harry让Eggsy开会时戴着道具,然后两人回家XXOO。(我最喜欢的一句是"Arthur pulled back, leaving his lover craning desperately towards him like a flower to the Sun.")

Like in My Fair Lady by kimposibl

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:2759)

Set during the time before the final test. Harry Hart teaches Eggsy some lessons on how to be a gentleman. 


Interruptions by sherlocksbuttonhole (daleksanddetectives)

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:5149)

Five times Harry and Eggsy are rudely interrupted and the one time it goes as well as can be expected for a pair of gentleman spies in a relationship.


Yayo by crazyrabiebabies

(分级:Mature 警告:Daddy Kink, Cross-dressing Kink/女装,Dom/Sub Undertones, Semi-public Sex, 字数:3399)

of course it was absolutely necessary for Eggsy to dress like a women and perform at the club while Harry took out their target and this wasn't just Melrin's scheme to finally get them to hook up-no way

or just Eggsy singing lana del rey and some daddy harry+ smut


(注意看警告!!!!配合Lana Del Rey - Yayo


I'd Probably Still Adore You With Your Hands Around My Neck by GeniaTheParadox

(分级:Explicit 警告:Daddy Kink, Dom/Sub, Asphyxiation play/窒息性爱,  字数:3783) 

Eggsy had never been happier now that he finally had someone to call Daddy.



Evening the Score by Saucery

(分级:Explicit 警告:Semi-public sex 字数:2246) 

Revenge footsie is apparently a thing.

Or, Eggsy seems to think molesting Harry in public is a fitting reaction to being ignored.


A Gentleman's Guide to Popping One's Cherry by callay

(分级:Explicit 警告:Virgin!Eggsy  字数:11,827) 

Eggsy squirms under Harry's hands. "Stop being a gentleman and fuck me."

"Eggsy," says Harry in a low voice. "I'm going to be a gentleman and fuck you."

PWP, Harry绅士地给Eggsy破处。

A Reward Owed by A_bit_not_good_yeah for deadonarrival

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:2733)

The lights in the bar are dimmed, but Harry can't miss the way Eggsy is batting his eyes and licking his bottom lip at every opportunity, like he's the world's most expensive rentboy.

"This is utterly ridiculous. I never said you were bad at this, I merely suggested you might think about a more subtle seduction technique." Harry takes another swallow of his drink, scanning the room and letting his eyes come back to rest on Eggsy once more. Eggsy who is looking up at the mark from under his lashes and letting his thumb trace obscenely up and down the stem of his martini glass.

"Mm, no I don't think so," Eggsy practically purrs, seemingly to the ambassador's question about snorkeling off the coast of Australia, but Harry knows it's for him and he grips his glass a touch too hard to be entirely appropriate. This was supposed to be simple, an in-and-out job, which was fine until his protégé decided to interpret that a bit too literally.

Eggsy decides to make Harry jealous in order to get what he feels he's owed.

PWP, Eggsy在任务中和目标调情,只为了让Harry妒火中烧。

Point A to B by DC_Derringer

(分级:Explicit 警告:Light Bondage/轻微捆绑 字数:1890) 

The newest recruit test is to get from point A to point B without a Kingsman agent catching you. Eggsy isn't too worried about Harry catching him. 

PWP, 训练测试要求Eggsy在A、B两点之间甩掉Harry——但Eggsy并不是那么担心会被Harry抓住。

Harry Hart's got 1000 Tricks (but Eggsy only loves his dick) by elletromil forbulletproof_gentleman

(分级:Mature 警告:Size Kink 字数:948)

He would have fuck with Harry even if the man had had the tiniest of dicks because you just have to look at the man once to know that he must know a thousand tricks and Eggsy wants to be on the receiving end of every single one of them.


Airy Armour by kettlepillow

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:1890)

Harry puts on a kilt for his next undercover mission. Eggsy enters without knocking.


The Ladder to Hell by twentyfourblackbirds

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:1890)

Unfortunately, if you descended another few rungs in Harry's personal ladder to damnation, wanking to an illicitly-obtained video feed of your protégé and mentee was so far from fine it could have mailed you a postcard of perdition, merrily captioned “Wish You Were Here!”

Basically Eggsy being a li'l shit and a huge tease while Harry's horny and constantly exasperated.

Patient Eye by missdoctorwatson

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:1875)

While hiding out in what they think will be a safe spot, Harry and Eggsy get into some amorous activities... and are interrupted. Or are they?


Don't speak, don't hear, don't see by Cyberrat for morallydubious

(分级:Explicit 警告:Daddy kink, Exhibitionism kink, Voyeurism kink, 字数:1415) 

Harry has a special assignment for Eggsy during his training.


Honey, You Can Have Me However Which Way You Want by j_gabrielle

(分级:Explicit 警告:无, 字数:794) 

Eggsy knows he's going to feel this for days and the thought brings a dark coil of pleasure that blooms like wildfire under his skin. It'll be the secret knowledge that he will carry that Harry Hart is the only man he will ever belong to.


Hart and Soul by Sexxica

(分级:Explicit 警告:无, 字数:2701) 

Harry and Eggsy have been together for a while now, but Harry is still more shy than he would like to be when it comes to intimacy. Eggsy is more than happy to take the lead though, and Harry is certainly in good hands.

Shy!Harry and Power Bottom!Eggsy

Pig Latin by aerospaces for lazytaterspoziomeczka

(分级:Explicit 警告:无, 字数:2701) 

In Kenya, Eggsy falls off a flight of stairs. Or: lessons in cohabitation.

Eggsy discovers the joys of a home-cooked meal among many other things.


breathless by calmena

(分级:Explicit 警告:Hair-pulling kink 字数:3043) 

Eggsy doesn't wait for backup, he does just fine on his own, thank you very much. Harry is angry, and then he's not. There's sex.

That's it. That's the plot.

PWP, office sex

Keeping Count by GeniaTheParadox

(分级:Explicit 警告:Dom/Sub undertones? 字数:2032) 

Harry wants to see how many times he can make his darling boy come in one night. Eggsy is more than willing.

PWP, marathon sex

Don't Mind Waking Up For You by gracerene

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:1247)  

Eggsy wishes every day could start like this.

Fluff, morning sleepy sex.

****************** One-Shots ****************** 

your world tomorrow by DivineProjectZero

(分级:Explicit 警告:无 字数:9111)

This is turning into one hell of a fairytale.

(or, the one in which Eggsy never dreamed of the Cinderella life and ends up living it anyway.)



I'll Keep You Safe by missbecky

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:9544)

It's Harry and Eggsy's first mission in the field together. So naturally it goes spectacularly wrong, and they end up caught in a blizzard, needing to take shelter from the storm.


The History of Dressing Room Two by himitsutsubasa

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:1749)

Eggsy goes back to the 1980's to deliver something to the Kingsmen and ends up defiling room two.

AKA Eggsy is the reason why there is a rule about popping one's cherry in dressing room two.


past and present (they don't matter) by plinys

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:4159)

Eggsy's stuck reliving the day of Harry's death over and over again, and keeps trying to change the world just so that one man can live. Without much success.


These Hands (Had to Let It Go Free) by Vacilando

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:12,932)

He does not only recognize this man, he knows him. Harry knows the way he laughs and the way he would smile cheekily at Harry. He knows the way this man say his name, all rough cockney accent and confidence. Harry knows him better than Harry knows himself but none of that matter because Harry does not remember his name.

Nor is he sure if this man is real.


the days of a life still permanent by plinys

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:3357)

He manages to get out the words, “who the fuck are you,” before everything is swallowed up by blackness.


And With This Feeling I'll Forget by Vacilando

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:3131)

"Hang on." Eggsy paused "If I let you out, will you give me a kiss? Always wanted to kiss a King and yous being Arthur sort of makes you one, don't it?"


Where Harry got himself kidnapped and Eggsy kicks ass to save his King.


Our World Alone Unto Us by photonromance

(分级:Explicit 警告:Serial Killer!Harry, Dark!Harry, Brainwashed!Eggsy, Stockholm Syndrome, 字数:1532) 

Harry Hart leaves Kingsmen, tired of pursuing bad guys to sate his violent urges. He takes to killing who he chooses, how he chooses, creating meaning out of their broken, imperfect bodies. Eggsy is still his protege, his perfect boy. He didn't start quite perfect, of course, but Harry is a master craftsman when it comes to humanity.


Flawless by Catlady2457

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:2290)

"You're a doll, you are flawless
But I just can't wait for love to destroy us"
- The Neighborhood, Flawless


Blast From the Past by holyfudgemonkeys (erraticallyinspired)

(分级:Explicit 警告:alternate endings 字数:20,745)

In 1982, a young Harry 'Galahad' Hart is tasked with stealing a mysterious device.

In 2016, Eggsy 'Bors' Unwin follows a suspicious man and ends up with more than he bargained for.

AKA the fic where a 22 year old Harry finds his way into the future.

时间旅行AU,年轻的Harry穿越到了现在。最后的三个结局看得我头昏……有Young!Harry/Eggsy/Old!Harry 3P肉。

Going Down by SmartKIN

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:2290)

When Harry and Eggsy are confronted with security guards during a mission they pretend to be lovers—until they have to pretend no longer. 


****************** Fluff/Humour ****************** 

Change in Routine by nightwalker

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:1217)

This is Harry Hart's morning routine.


Too Much Information by GeniaTheParadox

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:1793)

For a spy, Eggsy didn't seem to be very good at keeping secrets. At least not while talking to Roxy. And his favourite subject to discuss in excruciating detail always seemed to be Harry Hart.

搞笑文,Eggsy likes to over-share.

Looking for Something Dumb to do by Della19

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:2245)

Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Or, the four times Eggsy fails at finding the perfect time to ask Harry to marry him, and the one time he nails it.

Eggsy/Harry, Fifth in my Pretty Gentleman Series.

Part 5 of Pretty Gentleman


Progression Of Things by j_gabrielle for song_of_fate

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:3193)

People seem to get the wrong idea about Harry and Eggsy, but you won't find much protest from Harry in that corner either.


Ugh. by Galahard

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:1182)


Connoisseur by Saucery

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:1125)

"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort." — James Herriot.

Or, Harry gets turned into a cat.

I really have no excuse for this. I'm sorry.

Harry被变成了一只(绅士)猫。Fluff and Humour.

For the Man Who Has Everything by Galahard

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:1735)

Knitting related domestic fluff prompt caused by Vacilando.


The Measure of a Man by missbecky

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:5063)

The time has come for Eggsy to learn about being a Kingsman tailor. First lesson: take Harry's measurements and somehow manage not to spontaneously combust.

Jumping out of an airplane was easier than this.


Unexpected Indecorum by venvephe

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:1146)

Harry Hart much prefers meeting his enemies - and Mrs. Unwin - clad in the armor of a tailored suit.

That is not what happens.

Harry半夜去厨房倒水结果遇到了本不应该在家的Michelle Unwin(和Daisy)——Harry只穿着他的内裤和旧T恤……

Contemporary Dancing by hartwintrash

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:2823)

Eggsy takes Harry to a nightclub and Harry, who was previously not very familiar with contemporary dancing, becomes very fond of this new thing the young people call "grinding". Based on a prompt by tumblr user eggsyunwinhart.


Context is Key by Salios

(分级:Mature 警告:无 字数:2823)

Harry liked to believe he was an observant man. Given his profession he was likely right in his assumption. The addition of one Eggsy Unwin to his life had Harry reconsidering that point.


Domestic Bliss by missbecky

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:2057)

Eggsy thinks that he could get used to this life. He really could.


Marry me? by heaveeho (veldygee)

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:无 字数:3018)

Eggsy wants to marry Harry Hart. The main question is how to pop the question (and whether Harry would say yes or not).


Subtlety by dammitspawk

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:354)

Harry Hart is an amazing spy. Arguably one of the best of his time.
But when it comes to feelings? Subtlety is not his strong suit.

First kiss! 超短治愈文。

Words, Words, Words by Corvin

(分级:General Audience 警告:Alternative Universe 字数:1861)

Harry works undercover at a library and gains a secret admirer.


Check Up by sherlocksbuttonhole (daleksanddetectives)

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:Alternative Universe 字数:749)

Eggsy shrugs the shirt off his shoulders and purses his lips,"shut up.”

"I didn't say anything," Merlin says innocently.

"You was thinkin' loud then."

Merlin tries, he really does, not to stare at the mouth-shaped bruises peppered over Eggsy's collar bones and shoulders.


Get Home by LaufeysKid

(分级:General Audience 警告:无 字数:5222) 

Years after the V-Day incident, Harry's mission goes wrong and he loses his memory. Eggsy has to deal with losing Harry but not really, all over again. 


****************** Warning! Major Character Death ****************** 

Medal of Valor by hartwin

(分级:Teen and Up Audience 警告:Angst, Major Character Death, 字数:552)

Eggsy has a special place in his heart for the medal Harry gave him when he was only a little boy.

(作者竟然没标Major Character Death警告....)


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